Get Expressive: Paint It!



There are days when you feel that you just want to cut loose. We’ve all been there. The usual humdrum of everyday routine can cultivate a deep feeling of frustration and repression. What if you can come into the office and just let loose? What if you can just throw out the expectations that have been piled on you? If you are yearning for a change of pace, consider painting it out!

Painting it out will tap into your raw emotion and use it as a fuel for explosive self-expression. No rules, no borders, and no expectations – just pure, unadulterated creativity. Dive into your primordial self and read some tips for when you feel the need to “take it to the canvas.”

…there is a state of consciousness that most successful people enter when they create. That state of “flow” is characterized by the following: sustained concentration, loss of self-consciousness, loss of sense of time, strong sense of control, sense of intrinsic reward, full absorption in the task itself, and positive emotion. — Ilana Simons Ph.D.

Tap Into “Feeling” Instead Of Appealing. 

Dig into that wellspring of emotion and use it as fuel for creative expression. Don’t delve too much into the details. Let it flow and let your feelings control your hands. Don’t think. Just do it! If you’re happy, paint it. When you’re not that joyous, use the canvas, or your watercolor paper. Your paintings will come out raw and beautiful, because of your feelings.

Express Instead Of Impress.



This is about YOU. Unshackle yourself from conventional expectations and just let loose. Your raw expression will usually interpret into something much more interesting than trying to color within the lines. Express yourself and just let the lines and colors emanate. You don’t have to impress others with your work. You need to impress yourself and be fulfilled with the beautiful art that you are making.

Use Your Body.

Painting it out doesn’t have to be restricted to using your hands. Get a larger canvas and dip in! Turn up the bass, get wild, roll around, dig your fingers in – just let it all loose.

The viewer’s eyes blend the colors optically instead of it being blended on the canvas for you by the painter. — Susan Albers Psy.D.

Mix Some Colors.

Usually, you’d want to avoid mixing too many colors to avoid “mud.” But if you’ve made it this far, then you’ll know that you can throw those inhibitions out the window. Make mud on purpose, explore a whole new color palette in your creative enthusiasm. Be willing to let go of the conventional and experiment with your art. There is no right or wrong when it comes to artistic expression.

Go Beyond The Lines.

Get real and get in touch with your wild, raw self. Paint beyond borders, use your feet, color blind, color with whatever you can get a hold-off. Paint off tempo, splash water – let yourself be splattered all over the canvas.



Looking at the color red has been tied to degraded analytical performance; so it’s a good idea to keep it out of home offices, study areas, etc. — Sally Augustin Ph.D.

Tell A Story.

In a time where there are sensitivities all over, you might be feeling mute actually to speak your mind. Set yourself free by painting out what you want to say instead. Find a means to express the words you mean to say visually; use other media elements like clippings, photos, and letters to enhance your creation.

Finally, remember that your rawest emotions are your most significant source for creative inspiration. Harness them and give it a life outside your body – your body, soul, and sanity will be thankful. Don’t keep it in, and again, paint it out!