Why You Should Document Relationships Through Photographs 

With the advancement of technology, it has become more accessible and possible for almost anyone to capture photographs. Even cheaper mobile phones have one built-in, ready for instant snapshots of different moments in life. 

 Taking pictures of experiences has become increasingly common, and not just for vacations or once-in-a-lifetime events. Most of us carry cell phones equipped with decent cameras, making it even easier to snap a few photos during nearly any experience—whether it’s a view of the Eiffel Tower or a view of your lunch.  — Katherine Nelson-Coffey, Ph.D.

Source: pexels.com


That being said, some things are worth documenting more than others. When it comes to relationships — familial, platonic or romantic, — photographs can enrich the connection you have with others. Read on to find out why. 


Immortalizes Special Moments 

Immortalization is something well-known about pictures. As much as we would like to hold on to specific moments in our life, this is something we cannot do. Instead, we turn to photography as it captures special events and instances that take place: engagements, weddings, birthdays, get-togethers and so much more. 


It’s one thing to take photos, but such occasions are enriched when these images are compiled into scrapbooks and photo albums. They show that such events are especially important and special, and they allow us easier access to enjoy looking back at these times that have already passed. 


Captures Emotions And Feelings 

Not only are events recorded through images, but they also immortalize feelings that the subject expresses in that specific moment. Such adds to the moment, that these events truly meant something to the people in the photograph, further adding to the story we look back on. 

 Each time we look at the photographs of friends who have come to visit, relatives who have moved away or died, our memories grow larger. — Arthur Dobrin D.S.W.

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When you open up your albums, you’ll be able to feel the warmth in the smiles of your wedding guests; hear the laughter of your friends during your last outing; feel the sadness of your children in that picture of their terrible haircut as a child. These show emotions from the past and bring them back to the present. 


Allows You To Take A Pause 

Admittedly, some observe that our easy access to cameras may sometimes distract us from moments currently taking place, seemingly spending more time trying to capture an event than enjoying it personally. However, photography need not be that way. In fact, when more thought is taken into taking photos, it can allow us to pull ourselves away from the situation and further enjoy it. 


When looking through the viewfinder and lens of a camera, we take a while to breathe and wait until the perfect instant to capture. When treated well, photography can allow us to step back from everything and really think about it and to enjoy and appreciate what we’re experiencing. 

 Recall of long-forgotten memories activated parts of the brain involved in novelty detection, and the brain being wired to respond positively to stimuli that are new and unfamiliar, the distant memories provided a double reward—both for familiarity and for novelty. — Hal McDonald Ph.D.

To Share With Others 

Unfortunately, not all our loved ones can experience special moments with us. Perhaps they were too held up at work to attend the party, or they just weren’t around to experience your child taking their first steps. Again, photographs come to the rescue. 


As mentioned earlier, we get to go back to special moments through photography. Taking photos of special moments is not only for our benefit but also that of others who wish to share our experiences as well. Not only does this give them enjoyment, but it also allows us to share a part of ourselves with them, further strengthening relationships with others, in a tiny but significant way. 


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To sum things up, photographs, when used well, are a way for us to remember special moments in all of our relationships. It is true for friends, relatives, and romantic partners, although it is always essential for us to remember why we take photos for us to make the most out of them genuinely.