Interesting Scrapbooking Ideas To Commemorate Your Relationship 

What is the best gift for your anniversary? Flowers, chocolate, books? Well, why not a scrapbook! You can do many things in a scrapbook. Not only can you document the great moments of your relationships, but you can also make this scrapbook with your partner.  If you would like to make one, here are some creative scrapbook ideas for you to try!  




Endearing Things You Say To Each Other  

Has your partner told you something that made your heart flutter? Well, why not list them down on the scrapbook? Think of the most endearing things that your partner has told you and post them on your scrapbook. You may dedicate one page for you while assigning the other page for your partner 


Aside from posting memorable quotes, you can also write some insights on these posts. Write about what you felt when you heard those endearing things. You may also write the story behind those lovable quotes. If you want to post some visuals, you can decorate the page with pictures that you associate with the quotes.  

Although no substitute for in-person chemistry, good photographs are important communication enhancers during the initial information-gathering phase of a relationship. — Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D.

Story Of Your First Date 

Do you remember your first date together? If so, you might want to commemorate that event in your scrapbook! Collate any pictures and memorabilia of your first date. Then, paste those things into your scrapbook with some captions. In these captions, you may explain what you felt at that time and what you feel right now.  


You can decorate your scrapbook in the theme of your first date. For example, if your first date was watching a movie, you may want to decorate your scrapbook with a movie theme. Post pictures of the movie poster or scenes of the film that you really liked. Don’t be afraid to get creative!  

 Upon occasion, we go through the scrapbooks and pictures on the computer. Never once has this activity done anything except make us feel closer. — Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.

The Funny Moments 

It always feels good to reminisce the funny moments of your relationship with your partner. In your scrapbook, you might want to remember these funny moments by using pictures and memorabilia to tell the story. You can also write a short insight regarding the event. If you wish to use words or visuals to narrate these funny moments, it is up to you! 




Recalling Previous Challenges 

In most relationships, couples solely like to focus on the good memories. However, what about those painful and difficult challenges that both of you overcame together? While those memories were not necessarily enjoyable, they are reminders of how far you and your partner have come. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember the strength of your love in a scrapbook?  


To scrapbook your previous challenges, first, you and your partner will need to recall one particular problem that you have overcome. Write a short background of that challenge in your scrapbook. Then, write some insights about these challenges individually. In this way, not only will you remember how you overcame your problems as a couple but also as individuals.  

 Catching an unexpected glimpse of ourselves, or something relevant to us, in someone else’s old photo evokes memories that we would likely never be able to dredge up if we willfully searched for them. — Hal McDonald Ph.D.

Scrapbooking is an entirely creative activity. Just remember that you can try other scrapbook ideas aside from the ones mentioned above. Your imagination is the limit!