2014 Columbia Blogging Summit: How To Become A Better Blogger

When you invite bloggers to events like the 2014 Columbia Blogging Summit, it is generally a challenge to make the successful ones agree to attend. Some say that such conferences are only beneficial for blogging wannabes whose websites are still not ranking high in search engines. Others tend to claim that they are busy with various projects and cannot handle to leave their place to listen to other experts.

The truth that these folks fail to see, though, is that you can never be too satisfied with what you already know as a blogger. The trends change as fast as the viewers’ interests. If you don’t keep up with everyone, you may eventually be unable to attract more people to check out your site. Hence, to maintain or improve the success that you now have, here are more tips to become a better blogger.

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1. Bring Something New On The Table From Time To Time

One thing that discourages readers from subscribing to a website for long is the lack of innovation when it comes to your posts. People want to see different concepts every time they visit it. Otherwise, they will immediately close the tab and search for another platform that has more life than yours.

2. Focus On Enhancing User Experience

If you want to stay as a successful blogger for years, having fantastic content is not enough. You may have well-written posts there, but folks cannot read all the words once they switch from laptop to mobile device. You may be able to use memorable lines that make them want to see more than your homepage, yet the path to the next page is not visible. It matters to enhance the website to ensure that users will have a great time while in it.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Think Of Digital Marketing

Blog sites do not survive on their own. As a blogger, you need to use social media and other platforms to promote the website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital too if you want it to rank well in search engine results. Furthermore, you should think of creating a YouTube channel to introduce your site to a bigger crowd.


Your blogging platform should evolve as much as you do. If you don’t make that happen, there may be newer bloggers with more creative ideas who will replace you. Thus, start learning how to become better in this field now. Good luck!