How Art Therapy Help You In The Time Of Covid-19

Many think that healing through art is challenging. Actually, there is no right or wrong way to it. Art therapy can ground you. This is why many turn to art therapy especially in this time of the pandemic. Are you interested to know how you can harness your creative skills? Learn art therapy in the time of covid-19.


Creativity As A Source Of Healing And Stress Relief

Some are afraid to try their hand at creativity because they believe they do not acquire the skills and talent needed to complete it. Some individuals think that they are not creative and artistic enough to come up with an idea. Somehow, this is a normal reaction since most people stop craft-making since their elementary days.

Though artistry is somewhat related to creative skills, you do not need to have a lot of confidence to try it. Honestly, there is no perfection in this area. As long as you express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way, that is already an accomplishment. This type of approach is about the process of making and creating something rather than the project itself.

Art Therapy In The Time Of Covid-19

In this disheartening state of the world, due to the Coronavirus issue, people need to find an outlet. Healing through creativity is one of the best and practical things to do since people are following home quarantine restrictions.

The Pandemic Challenges And What People Have Turned To For Healing (Surviving Through Hardships)

Crafting or artistry is a healing modality that has been proven effective and therapeutic for many.

It intends to bring physical, emotional, and mental care. It facilitates a creative way to allow individuals to respond to their environment. But note that art therapy is not an instructional hobby or activity-making class that teaches people. Instead, it is a free-will process of making something out of nothingness.


Playing With Watercolor, Collages, Colored Pencils, Clay, Papers, And Pens Can Be Therapeutic

Recovery through crafting encourages people to experiment and play with art materials. These include colored pencils, markers, and pens, a variety of fabrics and papers, clay, watercolor paint, collages, and many more. As for the finished product, there is no interpretation of the artwork involved. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about what could be the result of your creation. The whole thing you make depends on how you see your finished product. Therefore, it is you who find its meaning in what you have created. And since it is therapeutic, it helps explore a variety of mental health issues that you may be dealing with along this current pandemic situation and express it the way you understand.


How This Engages With The Mental State And Promotes Healing And Stress Relief

The craft-making approach engages with the individual’s mental state by transcending words and triggers in the different pathways of the brain and its subconscious. That is the reason why when you make something, you find a different understanding of your experience. It makes you think more about yourself in terms of what you can do, understand, and realize. It increases self-awareness and self-discovery. It helps examine thoughts and emotions that are somehow too difficult to put into words.

People decide to engage with this approach for a lot of reasons. Some people use it to provide an outlet to cool off their boredom. Individuals try it to learn and explore their skills or master them, and some use it to reduce anxiety as well as its underlying cause.

This approach decreases stress and lifts your mood. It is an excellent way for relaxation and mental transformation. And since it is proven to reduce the symptoms of emotional and mental health problems, it supports positive coping skills.


Art Therapy In The Time Of Covid-19


This pandemic situation is clearly out of hand. It destroys your mental and emotional stability like you never imagined it would. However, art is one of the best ways that can help you regain your sense of control. So if you still do not find art interesting, you might want to reconsider. Use this time to get to know craft-making or artistry.