Your Next Relationship Goal: Try These Craft Projects 

Are you and your partner getting tired of hopping into different restaurants for a date? Or perhaps both of you have seen all possible kinds of amusement parks. Maybe your travel goals are still taking a long way from reality.  




Look no further as there is a range of new kinds of activities that will add a new level of fun to your relationship! Don’t be intimidated by the words ‘art’ and ‘crafts.’ Below are some of these activities that will guarantee a romantic fun time between the two of you. 


Tell Your Adventures Through Scrapbooks 

Other than pictures, there are undoubtedly some souvenirs that either of you have brought back from your dates, travels, and food trips. It could be a chopstick, receipt, seashells, pebbles, or anything that would remind you of the activity done or the place visited.  

 …instead of visualizing the good moments, you look through your scrapbook to be reminded of your partner’s good points and your positive times together. — Elinor Greenberg Ph.D.

Find a way to attach these pieces of memories and narrate the events of your adventures on your customized scrapbook. Don’t worry about formats and creativity. No one will judge or see your work other than you (unless you want to parade it with your friends and families). Other than having a vivid journal of your experiences, you get to bond and unleash your ‘creativity skills’ while making this scrapbook.  


Craft A Customized ‘Note Jar’  

There are already lots of variation of this one online. You can either put quotes, fun memories, jokes, mini-activities and small goals on small pieces of paper in a jar. It is a favorite gift among couples on their birthdays or their anniversaries. The note jar is also deemed therapeutic by many especially when the couple is experiencing troubles in their relationship, or when one is having a bad day.  

 Whether handwritten on a heart-shaped piece of paper or your letterhead, the impact is potent, and it is something you’ll save to rediscover and smile at again sometime down the road. I especially love it when I find something in my briefcase; she likes finding notes on her pillow. — Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.

Paint On Canvas 

It’s time to ‘get dirty’ with those splatters of paint and brush strokes like those couples in art-themed romantic movies. Painting is like putting your imagination alive and in color. It’s a great bonding that you’ll get to see each other’s ‘artistic’ skills.  




You don’t have to join classes to do this exciting activity. Buy a canvas (or create a makeshift one) and paint tubs for your ‘creation.’ Brushes are optional as you can also use scrap cloths or even your hands. Paint together, laugh together, and you wouldn’t even notice the time passing.  


Uncover The Art Of Baking  

Both of you cannot cook or bake? Don’t worry. This activity is for you two alone. There are no expert chefs around you that will judge your work. Together, discover the majestic world that is called the kitchen and the art that revolves around it.  


Perhaps, you have those unused cake decorating kits that you have impulsively bought out of boredom and curiosity. Better yet, sign up for small baking classes with your partner and gain new art skills in no time!  

 The researchers discovered that simply viewing a love one’s photograph can have a reducing effect on one’s feelings of pain. —

Build A Photography Portfolio  

Doing photography together is now the trend among couples! Heard about Instagram boyfriends/girlfriends? Maybe it’s time for you to claim those titles for yourselves too. No need for expensive cameras and photography skills. Camera phone and some photo-editing apps will do.  




You can also build and manage a photography blog together to put those beautiful photos of you online and possibly earn money through sponsorships. As an added info, couples blogging is becoming a thing now. It’s like keeping an online journal for your misadventures and milestones. 



The fun in doing these crafts together is not in judging how creative each of you can be. Spend a whole new definition of quality time along with a tangible (your art output) and intangible (a deeper bond) result with these craft activities!