Tips For Taking Picture-Perfect Couple Shots 

It’s always a good feeling to browse through pictures of people in love. They seem to have gathered all the happiness in the world just right in each other’s arms. How can such love be so apparent in still and static photos? 

 Photography in and of itself is not merely capturing a factual event in time. There are meanings, motives, and emotions behind the image captured and the one taking the pictures. — Sam Louie MA, LMHC




Here are tips for making your couple shots picture-perfect: 


  1. Know Your Camera

The secret to good shots is an excellent camera. For a quick list of cameras for beginners, there are Smartphone Cameras. They are most handy, light, accessible, and easy to use; but the photo quality is often not that excellent.  




There are also Compact Cameras which come as Standard, Zoom or Advanced. It’s mostly automatic and inexpensive, but the quality is also not the best out there. There are also DSLR cameras for serious amateurs and professionals. They offer outstanding image quality; but are often big, heavy, and pricey. 


Depending on your preference, make sure to pick the right camera that suits your style and needs. Besides, you can always seek the help of professional photographers who know their photography craft fully well. 


  1. Think Of A Peg Or Overall Feel

Not only do pegs add flavor to your couple photos, but they also make you more creative. Even as you browse through magazines or surf the net, there are infinite pegs you may choose from. 

You may want a summer-themed photo as you have fun under the sun.  


You may also rock your version of a Disney-inspired theme wherein both of you dress up as your favorite love team. You may also go back in time as you dress up like the medieval royalties. All you need to do is to imagine a little more and play around based on your preference as a couple. What can be more exciting than that? 

 We can review our photos after an event and reminisce, reminding us of good times and can then save our memory for important things like remembering all of the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody. — Ashley N. D. Meyer Ph.D.

  1. Consider Your Environment

A nice peg becomes complete when matched with the perfect location. However, more than suiting your dream peg for your couple shot, find a site that means something to both of you. It may be the location you first met, that spot when you first admitted your feelings towards each other or just that special, secret place you used to go to when you want to take a break from life’s demands. Just make sure it’s special. 


Aside from the best locations, consider also the weather and the appropriate time of the day when you shoot outdoors. It lets you know when lighting is very cooperative. For best results, team up with your partner for brainstorming. 


  1. Pick Your Couple Poses

Most couples run out of poses when having pictorials, so it’s also nice to browse through a couple of pictures first before doing the actual shots. It helps that you bring out each other’s best angles too as you do the poses. 


See how comfortable you are with one another in the Sit-And-Lean pose. Subtly show your sweetness in the Forehead Kiss or Kiss-On-The-Cheek pose. You may also do the candid poses like talking to each other, conversing over lunch, or looking each other in the eye. Regardless of your character as a couple, there sure is one pose out there that suits you best. 


  1. Be Natural And Have Fun

The essential thing to remember when having a couple photos is just to be yourself and have fun. Let your natural happiness and fondness towards each other shows itself in your pictures. Smile your way and think of happy thoughts. 





Don’t stress out over the nitty-gritty of the details. Even a selfie becomes very beautiful and memorable when it captures the perfect emotions of the couple. Don’t forget to enjoy as you spend time with your partner and cherish your emotions towards each other. 

 Creative expression has been shown to naturally calm the body, reduce blood pressure, and even release chemicals in the brain that decrease illness-related depression. — Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT

No, photos are not static. That wasn’t why they were made. Photos are meant to be dynamic storytellers of couples’ colorful lives. Through vibrant and compelling photos, couples can relive the memories and emotions that come with the pictures they capture of themselves. It deepens their connection, reminds them of the good old times, and makes them want to create more memories – and capture more photos, in the process.