Genres Of Modern Photography


Over the years, photography taught me to “see.” As a visual hobby it became the perfect escape from my occupation. — Leon Pomeroy Ph.D.

Photography may come in many forms and structures; while some can easily grasp at the message of an image, others would have to dig deep in order to figure out what the artist really meant.


Recognizing photography genres


The way an image is taken is oftentimes subjective. Photographers let you see what they want you to see and through that, several explanations and interpretations may surface. But not all photographs can be quantified into just one genre. Photography can extend to various categories. And with each category comes specific messages that one must decrypt.


The faces of photography are not always brilliant or daunting. It has all these in-betweens. It’s the photographer’s conquest to make people understand that what they’re looking at is not merely an image of a particular subject but as someone who has contributed significantly to the society.


By understanding the different styles of photography, a photographer can efficiently present the classification of these variations which is crucial to easily communicate with the audience.



Enumerating the genres


  1. Portrait

We are self-conscious because we need to associate with other people in various ways, and we worry that, if they don’t like what we have to offer, they won’t want to associate with us the way we want to associate with them. — Jim Stone Ph.D.

Focusing mainly on a subject’s face, portrait photography basically takes pictures of emotions and expressions. These images may range from close-ups to full-body. Photographers who are adept with this type are skilled at capturing the most important element of a portrait which is the eyes. Natural countenance and relaxation during or in between shots can be attained by telling a joke or a funny story.


  1. Food


Nowadays, people are quite obsessed with food photography not because they are professional food photographers but because people want other people to know what and where they’ve been eating. Images of scrumptious foods these days are uploaded through social media to sell and attract more customers. You can usually catch these images in food blogs and magazines.

For me, the humor is absolutely necessary to bear the world in which we live and to bear oneself. Humor is perhaps what is most lacking in the field of art where people are often desperately serious. — Susan K Perry Ph.D.

  1. Candid


Considered as one of the most popular types of photography, candid shots are what most teens and teens-at-heart are sharing in their social media accounts. Candid moments refer to those spontaneous moments that happened either during an event or a photo shoot. To make candid images effective, the subjects must pretend not to be aware of the camera and just have fun and be themselves. Image results to be more organic and relaxed with this genre.


  1. Wildlife


Usually in their natural habitat, taking pictures of animals in the wild is one of the most challenging styles of photography. The difficulty level can reach as high as 10 (10 being the highest). The fact that taking pictures of animals can be quite complicated and seemingly dangerous, some photographers must have a certain degree of expertise and technical skills before going out there and facing a pride of lions. However, if experienced enough, photographers can capture, in a matter of seconds, the most majestic shots that only a few can dream of.


  1. Nature


Nature is art in itself. It doesn’t need a good amount of light or dark for a photographer to capture a stunning image. One just has to wait for that ideal moment like the setting of the sun or the pouring of the rain. This tackles with the very essence of a particular landscape with its flora and fauna. Nature photography can also speak volumes when it comes to the extent humans have either nurtured or destroyed the environment.


  1. Photojournalism


Probably one of the most complex yet relevant faces of photography, photojournalism aims at documenting daily events that caused a stir in the society or made a huge impact on the population. One very good example of photojournalism is taking pictures of the president during the inauguration. While the other genres of photography are lighthearted, photojournalism is said to be on the serious side and follows certain guidelines.



The list goes on


As the world keeps on evolving, modernization expands the scope of photography. Whatever you feel piques your interest, do not disregard the basic rule in photography which is: to inspire and communicate.